Nervous System Essentials

Come meet me at the intersection of Body, Spirit, Science and Mystery



Because I want YOU to have access to this information and practice.

I want YOU to learn about your Body in ways that will open up the whole world to you.

I want YOU to revive your sparkle and buzz with aliveness.

Because we are human, it is easier to go through the motions, finding this comfortable dullness and numbness. So many of us go through life a little bit dead inside…

Learning about your Body and your Nervous System in a digestible, practical and applicable way is a doorway to the forgotten astonishment of being alive.

Your Body is a doorway to having a multi-sensory and extra-sensory life experience brimming with nectar.

What is Nervous System Essentials course?

  • It is +20 hours of video and audio content that is essential in understanding your human nature and that (almost) no one teaches.

  • It is +20 hours of content that as so multilayered that every time your watch or listen to it, you wil discover something new. That’s a promise.

  • It is 9 guided video and 8 audio practices to follow at home and build your capacity. And… this library is continuously growing.

  • Life-time access to the all these materials

  • Life-time access to the Community of people who already joined this container and are continuously joining

  • Life-time access to the chat and me for any questions that might arise.  

❝ This container has already stirred up so much special within me. It's truly a magical journey. Since we started, all sorts of special encounters, conversations, and gifts have come into my path. Various things are starting to fall into place, and I'm gaining so many valuable insights. There's still a lot of work to be done, but I can only look forward to what the coming weeks will bring. It's already life-changing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❞

This container will support you in understanding the in-s and out-s of your nervous system and body, and the essential principles of your physiology:

  • Week 1: Introduction | Nervous system overview | Range of resilience
  • Week 2: Nervous system models | HYPER- & HYPOarousal
  • Week 3: Embodied emergency responses | Traumatic imprints
  • Week 4: Brain-based movement | Brain mapping | Widening capacity
  • Week 5: Safety | Brain mapping | Brain based breathing
  • Week 6: Yielding | Sense of touch
  • Week 7: Vagus Nerve and its role in our life
  • Week 8: Nervous system overview | Cool stuff | Q&A  

My confidence in myself and my body is growing because I know that when I listen to my instincts and what my body tells me, my body will start to feel safe and only become happier.

You will learn practical things such as:

  • Nervous System overview in all its simplicity and complexity
  • Embodied emergency responses aka trauma patterning
  • What is HYPO- and HYPERarousal of your nervous system and how to recognize it
  • Vagus Nerve and its role in our life
  • The magic of touch and yielding

Katja taught me that my body knows and that slowing down is a really tough thing to do. It’s simple, not easy. Especially if you want to grab it with your head and thoughts. I’ve learned to let my thoughts be, and listen more carefully to what my body tells me.


On the more intangible level it might show up as:

  • Experiencing empowered choice, agency, care, and compassion 
  • A new felt sense of safety, trusting self and others 
  • Radically transforming pain into growth and transformation 
  • Learning your body’s language and recognizing your subconscious patterns and reactions
  • Growing your range of resilience 
  • Cultivating a greater capacity to re-bounce more quickly when you fall out of balance
  • Learning a library of tools that work for YOU


Join now if

  • You want to understand your human nature on a deeper level 
  • You want to activate your inner healer 
  • You want to become more fluent in speaking the language of your body
  • You are struggling with “unexplainable” health issues or things that "don't make any sense"
  • You want your mind to be tickled by science… and…
  • You crave deep felt experiences diving into the inner landscape of your body

The follow-along exercises are truly invaluable. They help immensely in gradually restoring balance to my body on my own.

Wow, you convey this in such a wonderful way, and there are so many relatable things that I've never understood about myself before.