Tales of Bodyverse Membership

Somatic Learning & Healing Community

Are you ready to take your somatic journey to the next level? Welcome to our unique membership community—a sacred space for those who are ready to explore the new depths of their Bodyverse.


Membership Highlights:

  1. Weekly Somatic Meditation: Half movement (yin style), half stillness, align within, above and below, for your day and your week. Weekly realignment sessions are short 30-minute sessions to attune to Self and your environment.

  2. Weekly Dynamic Body Exploration: These sessions offer a framework to connect to your body exploratory through your imagination and multilayered physical sensations. These sessions are a creative expression, and based on a smart and brain-based approach, they will help you to improve your flexibility and stamina, exercise your agility and explosive power, and enjoy the pleasure of movement and breath. These sessions are a multi-sensational experience, lots of fun, and a yummy physical challenge.

  3. Monthly Mythosomatic Journeys: These journeys are a mythical and mystical experience where everything comes together. Deep body awareness, physical skill, breath, and the knowledge. A 5D experience of your own inner landscape, your Bodyverse. When your whole brain lights up as it is being tickled by the carefully curated music choice, hypnotic language, movement and breath. Each month diving into a new topic. 

  4. Study Groups and Q&As: Connect with the vibrant community in monthly study groups and Q&A sessions. Dive into discussions on all things body, personal practice, philosophy, energetics, altered states of consciousness, and more.

  5. Transformation and Rewiring: All offerings are carefully designed to support you in unwinding traumatic imprints, reconnecting with the blueprints of wholeness, and transforming your physiology into a wide base of support. Rewire your nervous system for safety and resilience.

❝ The weekly sessions help me to stay present and calm throughout the (work)week. In one way or another the topics of the sessions always meet my needs in that moment! ❞

Who Is This For:

This membership is tailor-made for energetic empaths, sensitive and intuitive practitioners, and space holders who are ready to expand their understanding and experience of self beyond what they think was possible. It's for those who want to move beyond old patterns, nurture self-regulation, resilience, presence, sovereignty, and agency. If you're ready to alchemize difficulty into gifts, if you're curious about accessing different consciousness states, and if you're eager to traverse, transmute, and translate, this membership is your doorway.

Membership Options:

Monthly Subscription: €47 per month

Annual Subscription: €470 per year (get two months free)

14-Day Free Trial: Try it out with no obligation

What Makes this APP Membership Unique:

This isn't just a membership; it's a concoction, a slow-motion potion, a mixture of movement, breath, and deep awareness-based body practices. We work with the physical and beyond-physical body, using trance states to reinforce our connection with the more than human world, the human world, and the Cosmos. 

Membership Benefits:

  • Access a wide library of pre-recorded audio and video practices that continuously grow.
  • Engage in weekly and monthly live Zoom sessions. Can't make it live? No worries, replays are available.
  • Connect with our community chat to ask questions, share experiences, and connect with fellow explorers.
  • Enjoy direct access to Katja via the community chat for personalized guidance.

Experience the Transformation

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