Somatic healing and learning community... ecosystem for intuitive and sensitive practitioners, space holders, healers and mischief-makers. An ecosystem where we practice Relational Somatics, going deeper into the Bodyverse and deepening our relationality with the world. An ecosystem that holds and supports you on your path of service

It is a field where my intention as your space holder is to offer an empathetic, attuned, resonant, and heart-centered receptive listening field where your sensitive security system can begin to settle.

All so you get nourished and replenished, receive care and support

Included in the membership: 

- Somatic Healing sessions, every Monday at 8 am CET

- Dynamic Body Exploration sessions, every Thursday at 8 am CET

- Mytho-Somatic Journeys into the Bodyverse, once a month around Full Moon on a Friday at 7 pm CET

- Study Groups, every second Friday of the month at 10 am CET 

- Community of the best humans because we are in this together

Practice, Support and Education for Practitioners.

What Makes this Membership Unique:

This isn't just another membership. It is a healing and learning space. We work with the physical and beyond-physical body, using trance states to reinforce our connection with the more than human world, the human world, and the Cosmos. 


  • Access a wide library of pre-recorded audio and video practices that continuously grows.
  • Engage in weekly and monthly live Zoom sessions. Can't make it live? No worries, replays are available.
  • Connect with our community chat to ask questions, share experiences, and connect with fellow explorers.
  • Enjoy direct access to Katja via the community chat for personalized guidance.

Because you deserve to be well on the path of service.