Somatic Nectar

15-20 September 2024

- Somatic Healing Retreat in Spain - 

An immersive healing experience that combines a range of trauma-informed, body-led and nature-inspired healing modalities. An experience that is designed to support new somatic pathways of thinking, feeling, sensing and relating.

If you feel like it's time to incubate, slow down, metabolize, digest, and harmonize... Welcome!

Time to not know. Time to BE. Without having to do anything, or work hard for it. Time to receive. Time to allow for effortless filling up of your reality. Time to listen. Time to steep in Somatic Nectar.

This might be the perfect container for you if you are

A feeler, seer, knower...
A visionary, an intuitive...
A change-maker, a rebel...

who is craving for slow time outside of time, for attuned presence and witnessing, for the relational field of mutual support, for a PAUSE...

In our Solar-oriented (Yang-oriented) culture we often forget the value of steeping, not-knowing and not-doing. And the space-time of Somatic Nectar is exactly that - steeping in the primordial slowness of Lunar Nectar.

A sanctuary, a slow incubatory space to receive and reawaken to your own internal somatic rhythms and tides. To open up your perceptual capacity and to remember how much we are in this together.

Through somatic practices, ritual repetition, invocations, nature immersion, threshold, and ecstatic rapture states exploration, we will recalibrate and deepen our connection with the Body, Community, and Cosmos.

Because you deserve to be well on the path of service. 

What is Soma? 

Originating in Hindu history, Soma was a historical entity, intertwined with the heavens and its essence linked to the Moon. 

According to the Hindu scriptures, Soma initially existed as a heavenly plant. The juice, obtained by pressing the plant between stones and filtering it through sheep’s wool, transformed into a divine elixir (nectar). Recognized as Soma, this nectar was presented as a libation to the gods. The remnants of this divine nectar brought exhilaration, ecstasy, and enlightenment.

Referred to as amrita, or the nectar of immortality, Soma is linked with the cooling waters of the Moon. Soma, characterized by pure love and bliss, can be cultivated through practices such as bathing in the Full Moon's light and engaging in meditation. This cultivation is believed to fortify our tissues and immune system, clear our minds, and contribute to our overall strength, health, and vitality.

It embodies the life force, creative force, and spiritual essence that flow through the fabric of the universe. Soma transforms into a comprehensive symbol of sustenance, supplying not only physical vitality but also mental lucidity and spiritual insight.

Fundamentally, Soma embodies deep and age-old wisdom that spans the realms of the physical and spiritual. Its significance reverberates into the contemporary age, inspiring the quest for nourishment of both body and mind. Soma promotes the exploration of equilibrium and harmony in our endeavors and existence, embodying a timeless philosophy towards well-being.

Shed, incubate and grow new capacity

A journey of remembering

A journey of repatterning

A pilgrimage of existence

A deeply established and guarded container


A journey of dismemberment and dissolution

A journey of resurrection and rebirth

A journey into the states of liquid connectivity

A journey of attuning your receptors to vibration

A journey of awakening and re-enchanting the magic within

What's included: 

- Somatic and breathwork practice sessions

- Rituals and ritual ingredients 

- Education, tools, techniques & practices for healing & integration

- Mini 1-on-1 sessions for somatic stabilization and resourcing, possibly resolution 

- 6 nights in the House of Light 

- Vegan meals carefully crafted for the program 

- Transfer to and from the House of Light (our location)

You will receive: 

- Techniques and approaches to engage and deepen embodied understanding and connection with Self and Earth.

​- Practices of connection and communication with animate forces (Nature) that foster nervous system regulation, aliveness and presence.

​- Embodiment practices that are self-consent- and choice-based.

​- An immersive natural setting.

​- Integrative somatic practices and rituals to take home with you.

A sample of our schedule:

  • before 8 am - waking up, having light breakfast, going for walks
  • 8 - 10 am - a physical somatic practice, followed by breathwork and/or awareness meditation 
  • 10 am - 12 pm - integration time (guided and un-guided), possible alone time, possible mini 1-on-1s for stabilization and resourcing 
  • 12 pm - 2 pm - launch and free time
  • 2 pm - 5 pm - afternoon practice / workshops / discussions (e.g., somatic practice, yoga, free movement, dance, stillness meditation, Oracle Walks, Nature exploration)
  • around 6 pm - dinner 
  • after dinner - sometimes evening program (e.g. fire ceremony, Full Moon ceremony), sometimes free time 

Meet your facilitators and space holders: 

Katja Markelova, your guide into the Bodyverse

Katja is a somatic coach, an energy worker, a modern medicine woman. 

She is BOTH a feeler, a healer, a Liminal Space guide, a Body-whisperer, a Soul-retriever, AND a sharp rational thinker and a modern human.

Katja has a skill of holding space in a way that connects you to your own medicine and amplifies it. Space that connects you to your felt sense and information access from the field.

She comes from a long line of healers and medicine women, has 16 years of experience of working in corporate on a C-level. She is professionally trained in somatic trauma resolution, bodywork, somatic movement and breathwork. She studies neuroscience, physiology and anatomy continuously and has thousands of hours of experience of working with clients privately and in groups.

Bringing together the best of both worlds in a resonant way.

Dr. Sarah Coxon

Dr. Sarah is an author, seasoned yoga teacher, somatic therapist, coach, educator and creator of Regenerative Alchemy™, a paradigm shifting body-led (& nature-inspired) style of coaching & space-holding that helps radically transform pain and challenge into healing, growth, purpose and greater resilienceWhen not working or hanging out with her husband Mauro and dog Manny, you’re most likely to find her cultivating medicinal plants in her garden to make herbal tinctures and teas.

Meet another space holder, our location - House of Light

Private (yurt) - €2.100,- incl tax

Shared (room) - €1.900,- incl. tax

To reserve your spot a payment-in-full or a non-refundable deposit of €500 is required. 

Shame-free and interest-free payment plans are available. Just drop me a line or book a call.

In case of questions, doubts, and nerves feel welcome to book a call to feel it out together. As a space holder I want to make sure that everyone in this container comes with a Full Body Yes!