Somatic Nectar

- let's retreat to Spain together. 15-20 September 2024

Meet your nervous system with skill and grace, safety and wizardry while being held in a safe, nourishing, and private space filled with possibilities.

Relational approach to trauma work and post-traumatic growth. When the relational field is so dense and strong that any dysregulation, difficulty, and trauma can just show up and be met. A field resonant and compassionate enough for the innate wisdom and intelligence of your body to lead and for the inherent treatment plan to be presented.   

This work is designed to support you...

  • in digesting and integrating your traumatic Imprints stored in the Body (personal, ancestral, collective, and systemic)
  • in boundary repair
  • in cultivating even deeper intuition 
  • in cultivating and deepening your relationship with your ancestors
  • in awakening and activating your Blueprints (innate body wisdom)
  • in coming into your fullest potency
  • in increasing and widening your capacity to be present in your day-to-day life
  • in body-wide shift to a state of coherence
  • in embodying your Truest Expression of self

Independently on your life experiences, challenges or upbringing. All of you is welcome here.

When your whole being is working in resonance with itself and with Nature. So you can experience an increased state of harmony in your energetic, psychological, and physiological processes. I call it the state of optimal function. It will allow you to become more magnetic to resources and opportunities that allow you to live your highest purpose.

We are likely to work well together if: 

  • you are an energetically sensitive empath
  • you are a self-sufficient multi-dimensional practitioner and space holder
  • you have a sensitive security system (aka 'unexplainable' health issues)  
  • you are ready to clear and integrate the (personal, inherited, collective) unresolved history that gets in the way of moving forward

  • you are ready to awaken to your Blueprints
  • you are in need of attuned, loving presence, witnessing, intuitive guidance, and support

  • you are ready to build or deepen your relationship with your ancestors and spiritual team
  • you've done a fair amount of inner work and have experience with different modalities

YOU don't have a problem and I don't have a solution. My intention is to offer support, reflection, witnessing, and guidance, holding space for you with skill and grace, safety and wizardry, as you move through your specific imprints and discover your own Bodyverse

I value ease, choice, right timing, transparency and reciprocity. There’s great value in being able to come and go from this work following and riding your own waves of experience. This is not a traditional coaching container. I don’t offer long term contracts, programs, or curiosity calls. The best way to know if we are a good match for this type of work, is to work together. Below you can book an introductory session.

An example of our day together:

  • before 8 am - waking up, having light breakfast, going for walks
  • 8 - 10 am - a physical somatic practice, followed by breathwork and/or awareness meditation