Body Reading


The way you move = The way you move through life.

We all have our habitual and compensatory patterns of moving. "Movement" includes your breathing, walking, exercising, sitting, reaching, balancing - ANY kind of movement. What shows up on the outside is very much our history and what is present on the inside.

A body reading is a physical and energetic observation to help you to understand yourself better and with more compassion.

Based on the way you move your body, I can see which part(s) of your brain would love a little more activation, which compensatory and habitual patterns you have, and how we may approach them in a supportive way.

How it works:

  • You "buy" the service via the link below.
  • You record about 10-15 minutes of yourself moving (including normal walking and any other kind of movement.
  • You send it to me via the chat on the APP.
  • In max five working days, you will get a video reply from me with detailed observations and personalized practical tips on how to support YOUR nervous system and YOUR body optimally.