Re-Align (™) Somatic Meditations sessions


These sessions are about exploring your inner landscape, befriending your body and nervous system, digesting unintegrated stuff that leads to default responses, connecting to your natural rhythms, and accessing your own medicine.

These sessions are a guided experience, an intentional change process to come into greater coherence with what matters to you the most.

These sessions are a bottom-up (body-based), present-tense exploration.

During these sessions, we work with (micro) movements, breath, subtle energies, and felt-sense awareness, healing, unwinding, and rewiring your nervous system in a doable and regenerative way.

Healing deep traumatic imprints. Metabolizing and integrating trauma. Going from feeling depleted to thriving and regeneration. Working with your physical and metaphysical body.

Your capacity for self-regulation and co-regulation grows. Your health blueprints are coming back online. Life gets easier.

Each session has a subject. An example: dual awareness, building the embodied capacity, resourcing, healing freeze state, breath of life, etc.

These sessions are available both in-person (in Den Bosch) and online.
The duration is about 1.5-2 hours.
Language: English

Saturday May 20th 2 pm - 4 pm

Yoga aan de Kade, Handelskade 11, 5211 TH 's-Hertogenbosch, Nederland