Bodyverse Practitioner Training

Relational Somatics.

A professional somatic practitioner training for sensitive, intuitive, and multi-dimensional space holders.

Learn to work powerfully and safely with post-traumatic growthwithout over-holding or burning out.

You are a coach, a healer, a guide, a therapist, a trainer, a (yoga) teacher. You are a space holder, a practitioner. If you hold space for humans in any capacity, you hold space for their post-traumatic growth and transformation

Your Body is a Doorway.

The training is recommended for practitioners with an active practice, who have done a fair amount of personal work, developed some resilience, and are ready for a deeper somatic exploration, attunement and skills.

Being a nervous system-informed (or trauma-informed) practitioner requires so much more than 'just' having knowledge about certain topics. It is about being anchored and grounded in your own embodied capacity. It is about understanding the mystical order of things that tend to happen in the Bodyverse. It is about creating and holding a relational field of health that is strong enough, resilient enough, and compassionate enough, that any dysregulation, difficulty, or trauma can show up, be met and begin to metabolize. It is about creating a relational field for the intelligence and wisdom of your client's body to lead.

Do you want to learn how to:

- make your sessions feel safe and grounded for both you and your clients without having to prepare anything in advance?

- work with your client's body and nervous system directly, so they feel deeply met, felt and held by your attuned presence?

- effectively and efficiently meet various types of trauma patterning (fight, flight, freeze, and beyond)?

- facilitate deeply embodied change and transformation, both personal and collective?

- become a Jedi in creating and holding relational field of mutual support?

5 months of immersive and participatory education and 7 months of support and integration (Council calls and the APP membership). Nervous System education and integration takes time. This intentionally curated mixture of theory and deep practice will create conditions for you to

- Transform your physiology into a wide base of support and show up from a resourced place, even when life gets intens, so there will be no override and no burn-out.
- Grow your embodied capacity and ability to hold deeply transformative spaces without getting taken out by momentums of emergency.

- Expand your perceptual capacity so you can effortlessly flow with the waves of experience of your clients while staying grounded.
- Support your clients with eliciting their own medicine and wisdom, without trying to save or fix them.

- Learn skills and tools that will transform you into a sought-after practitioner and a miracle-facilitator your were born to be.

The journey rests on three pillars:

Body (Somatics)

  • Travel into the Bodyverse
  • Understand physiology and neuroscience
  • Dive deep into the enchanted science of nervous system work
  • Get to meet your Body Security System
  • Immerse into the embodied participatory knowledge


  • Learn the theory of why ritual is so important
  • Reconnect to the ceremonial being within
  • Explore trance states and liminal spaces
  • Deepen into threshold exploration
  • Create your own rituals


  • Foster deep communion with Natural Forces
  • Cultivate a profound relationship with your ecosystem
  • Rediscover your connection to the World around us
  • Deepen your bond with ancestors and your spiritual team

Classes include an updated, nuanced and holistic approach to Somatics theory, neuroscience, experiential practice, exchanges in dyads or triads, a ritual (movement) meditation, as well as opening your perceptual capacity. 


It is a shift from a destination-centric paradigm to a model of wholeness, aliveness, animacy, and deep embodied knowledge. 

Relational Somatics of the Bodyverse is informed by (but not limited to):

- Alchemical Alignment (Bodywork, massage and manual therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathic Neural and Visceral work, Polarity- and PPN-based Body into Being, Somatic Experiencing, Aikido, Family Constellations)

- Regenerative Alchemy (Integrative Somatic Therapy, Somatic Parts work)

- The Mythic Body studies with Josh Schrei

- Thousands of hours of working with clients and personal inquiry

Class topic examples:

  • The alchemical path of collective regenerative paradigm shift towards wholeness

  • Theory and practice of Somatics

  • Coming back to the Felt Sense

  • Relational approach to trauma work

  • Understanding Breath of Life, primary respiration, tides

  • Understanding the mystical order of things in the Body

  • Embodied emergency responses (trauma patterning)

  • Present time, choice, and agency rehab in the Body

  • Reorienting to unfamiliar layers of resource and support 

  • Creating a relational field of resonance where personal, collective and systemic difficulties can begin to metabolize

  • Expanding your perceptual capacities and sensory faculties

  • Integration and completion of trauma patterning

  • Boundary and relational field repair

  • Going way beyond the patterns of well-known fight/flight/freeze 

  • Repair of sensory awareness, feeling the body balancing itself, empty parts filling in, or disappeared parts returning

  • Ancestral connection and relation, awakening ancestral sense faculties

  • Threshold and trance states exploration

  • Polyrhythmic harmony within and without

  • Devotion and relationality 

  • Deepening access to foundational somatic energetics

  • Somatic awareness and practice 

  • Medicinal breath and movement

  • Neuro-centric (brain-based) approach

  • Brain mapping and body repatterning

  • Alchemy of touch

  • Fundamentals of regular repetitive ritual

  • Fundamentals of respectful interaction with animate forces


  • The training starts in March 2024.
  • All classes are held online on Zoom and recorded.
  • These recordings are yours for the duration of the whole training (one full year).
  • We meet for live Zoom classes monthly, two days on a Friday and a Saturday from 10 a.m. - to 2 p.m. CET (with regular breaks). 
  • There will be pre-recorded content, homework, and integration practices between classes.
  • Once a month, we also meet for Office Hours - the time and space to ask any questions, nerd out on things more, and bring any case studies.
  • Five months of immersive classes and seven months of support and integration circles.
  • One-year free membership on the Tales of Bodyverse App for smooth integration and practice.
  • Language of facilitation: English.


Investment when you join before December 31st: €5.000,- (including VAT!) 

Starting January 1st: €6.000,-

(including VAT!) 

Payment in full is preferred for a clear energy exchange. Shame-free and interest-free payment plans are also available. 

All Dates


8 and 9 March 10 am - 2 pm CET

5 and 6 April 10 am - 2 pm CET

3 and 4 May 10 am - 2 pm CET

7 and 8 June 10 am - 2 pm CET

5 and 6 July 10 am - 2 pm CET


Office Hours:

22 March 10 am - 12 pm

19 April 10 am - 12 pm 

24 May 10 am - 12 pm

21 June 10 am - 12 pm

26 July 10 am - 12 pm


Council Calls (Integration circles, case studies, support, Q&A):

27 September 10 am - 12 pm

29 November 10 am - 12 pm

31 January 10 am - 12 pm

28 March 10 am - 12 pm

Katja, your guide into the mytho-somatic lands of the Bodyverse:

I am an alchemical educator for space holders, a nervous system wizard, and a powerful space holder for somatic magic. I live and work at the intersection of Body, Animacy, and Ritual.

My background is 16 years of experience working in corporate, 6 of those years on the C-level, working myself into total override of my natural instincts and desires, into a chronic illness (thyroid), into chronic pain and "unexplainable" symptoms. Which ended up with a total collapse. From there I built myself back up with the help of magical space holders. And since 2020 I've done thousands of hours of official training and certifications, worked with hundreds of clients 1-on-1 and in groups. With this being my mission in life:

I want to help you meet your traumatic imprints effectively and regeneratively. I want to help you create momentum and a relational field of resonance, regulation, and resilience. 

I work with intuitive, sensitive, and multidimensional practitioners, ready to deepen into the physical and metaphysical aspects of their human experience. 

Joining by application only. I will be curating this group very carefully. This is an immersive full-in experience and it is not for everyone. I'd rather have a fully aligned group than sell-out this container.   

Fill in the application here if you feel a spark, a bonfire, a tickle of curiosity or you have any questions, nerves, or desires. After your application, we will talk and discover if this container is something that can support you on your journey in the optimal way: