Re-Align Practitioner Training (Foundations)

- the intersection of body, spirit, science, and mystery - a somatic-based professional training for space holders

Enhance your skills and capacity as a space holder and learn trauma-informed body-based (somatic) tools to hold the safest and most transformative space.

This is the stuff that most trainings don't teach but stuff you truly need to become exceptional at what you do. 

If you work with people in any capacity, you are holding space for them, AND you are working with trauma, unconscious patterns, and wounding that often run the show. When we bring awareness into our work and hold the space on purpose, backed by understanding and our own felt-sense attunement to the moment, real-life magic happens.

Transformative space holding is an art form. It is about holding your client in the exponential curve of embodied change. It is an intimate, intuitive, and interactive process where your client gets to lead supported by layers of resources. It is also about being rooted in your own embodied capacity surrounded by layers of support, nourished and resourced.

Our individual momentum of regulation as space holders IS the energetic container that either facilitates transformation in our clients or gets wiped out by their momentum of emergency. Being a powerful transformation alchemist requires your own embodied capacity, resiliency, and regulation.

This training will hold you in learning and embodying layers of very delicate and subtle information, becoming the embodiment of your own medicine and redefining yourself as a coach, therapist, healer, guide, teacher, facilitator, manager, or CEO.

This training will supercharge your current client work or help you to find your own voice if you are in the discovery phase as a space holder. The somatic approach is a bottom-up present tense approach of working with the whole of a human being. It is all about understanding the deep principles and creating your own techniques on the go, working with whatever the body is presenting at the moment instead of following a script or applying techniques and exercises.

  • This training is for you if you want to facilitate an intentional change process of coming to greater coherence with what matters to your client the most, a process of safely transforming stuckness, pain, challenge, and difficulty into growth, resilience, and resource 


  • This training is for you if you want to amplify you capacity to hold a stable and potent field of health and regulation 


  • This training is for you if you want to learn to work with a human body on both physical and metaphysical level (instead of working with a problem) and with whatever is present in the field (instead of following existing guidelines and lists of exercises) 


  • This training is for you if you want to become a nervous system wizard and ride the energetic waves rooted in stability and regulation 

Five months - Three modules

All sessions are held on Thursdays 7 pm - 9 pm CET, on zoom, recorded and made available to you in both audio and video format so you can amplify your learning in your own way.

September 7th, 14th, 28th
October 5th, 12th, 26th
November 2nd, 9th, 23rd, 30th
December 7th, 21st, 28th
January 4th, 11th, 18th

Learn principles and practices for interactive, virtual and hands-on, non-verbal and verbal health, fight, flight, freeze and double bind work.

Module 1: The Space

  • The art of safe and stable space holding
  • Understanding the energetics of the human body
  • Toroidal field
  • Cultivating your internal awareness, stability, and attuned pacing
  • Cultivating your own felt-sense
  • Growing your own embodied capacity surrounded by layers of support and resources 
  • Understanding the relational field

Module 2: The Body

  • Embodied emergency energy responses
  • Neurology of (self)touch
  • Physiology of ease, flow, and wholeness
  • Body reading
  • Body-brain repatterining and mapping 
  • Exploring how the intelligence of the body can hold unfinished threat responses and unmet needs

Module 3: The Magic

  • Inner workings of physiology and the nervous system
  • 7 Realms of the Body Security System
  • Understanding the concept of Imprints and Blueprints  
  • Meeting the animal body 
  • Medicinal movement and breath
  • Riding the waves of experience 
  • Facilitating magic

Every single session is held and taught in a way that models these principles. So there is a meta-learning going on in the background at all times

The structure of the training: 

  • Three 2-hour long sessions each month (four sessions in November), with breaks and self-practice 
  • One integration digest-and-rest week each month
  • Once a month, “office hours” on zoom to ask any questions, bring any shares or cases 
  • One 1-on-1 session with me to dive deeper into your own process 
  • One-year Re-Align Method APP membership (starting September)
  • A workbook will be created as we go
  • Community Wisdom membership for life (The first cohort of the training receives access to the Practitioner community for life - this includes regular "office hours" with me and having a supportive bedding of your fellow practitioners in one space. Next cohorts will be offered this on a membership basis).  
  • Throughout the program, there are built-in opportunities to apply skills immediately - both with your current existing clients as well as peer-to-peer practice coaching.

Modalities that inform my work and this Practitioner training:

  • Alchemical Alignment (currently in training)
  • Somatic coaching Regenerative Alchemy (currently in training)
  • Movement reeducation and integration, exercise therapy (certified with z-health performance)  
  • Somatic and embodied movement (certified with Liberation Through Movement)
  • Breathwork (certified with Breathwork Masterclass) 
  • Bodywork, visceral work (countless anatomy courses and thousands of hours of working with the clients) 

Thousands of hours of official trainings and certifications and thousands of hours of client work.  

Exchange: €3.000,- (you can also ask the tax return on this amount) for this round because this is the first time I am running this training (the price next year will be €5.000,-)

Although payment in full is my preferred option for the clear energy exchange, interest-free and shame-free payment plans are available. Reach out to find an option that will work for both of us.

Participation in this program is application only. To apply, please fill in the form. After your application I will contact you and we will have a chat.

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