Bodyverse Mentorship

Somatic Learning and Healing program for coaches and healers.

A 6-month hybrid (1on1 and group) mentorship program that will transform you in a super feeler and a sought-after practitioner.

For coacheshealers, medical doctors, therapists, guides, (yoga) teachers.

Deepen your craft and widen your capacity.

Your Body is a Doorway.

What’s included: 

6x 1-on-1s with Katja, 1x month (value €2500)

12x 4-hour long classes, Friday and Saturday 1x month (value €5000)

6x 1-on-1 with an assistant, 1x month (value €1500)

6x months of Community support (value €600)

After the 6 months: 3 months of integration circles, 1x month (value €300)


€6.000,- incl tax 

Shame-free and interest-free flexible payment plans are available.

*1-on-1s with Katja include somatic trauma resolution, embodiment practices, energy medicine, any practical stuff you might want to receive 

*Classes include an updated, nuanced and holistic approach to Somatics theory, neuroscience, experiential practice, practical exchanges, and a ritual meditation.

*1-on-1s with assistants include somatic support (somatic resourcing, stabilisation, witnessing, space holding) and/or practical support and accountability

*Rituals with a specifically curated arc, built around finding more potency, authenticity and magic both in your personal and professional life

 “It is life changing so far. Meeting myself in different states of being is different now than before, although this new process just started. I am curious to get to know myself even better and to learn how to accompany humans on their healing path from a place of deeper understanding.” - Elisabeth, medical doctor 

Perfect for you if you are ready to expand beyond your comfort zone in a regenerative way and amplify your impact. 

Perfect for you if you already have a client practice and you’ve already done a fair share of trainings and educational programs. 

Perfect for you if you are ready to pivot towards the Earth, towards tidal living, towards regeneration and mutual support. 


This program is a generative experience where you receive exactly what you are looking for.

This program is a perfect fit for each person because it’s all about connecting to and cultivating your own medicine.

This program is all about amplifying your medicine with body-based magic and science and honing your craft while widening your embodied capacity.

Because YOU deserve to be well on the path of service.

Slow spiral repetitive circular learning model:

A completely different learning experience from everything you knew before.

This is not another certification track that is designed to bring you from A to B as fast as possible just for the sake of having another paper with fancy letters on it. This program is a big and potent shift from a destination-centric paradigm to a model of wholeness, aliveness, animacy, and deep embodied participatory knowledge. 

"I love the slowness. It feels like a new way of learning, a sustainable one". - Lisa, energy worker

If you feel a spark of curiosity, feel welcome to book a 30-minute call (no-strings-attached) to feel it out together: 

- Drop from the state of relentless doing into the state of embodied knowing and aligned action.
- Step into your true uncensored leadership.
- Become magnetic and attract right opportunities at the right time for the optimal outcome.
- Learn skills and tools that will allow you to hold deepest and most regenerative transformation for your clients without overholding or burning-out.
- Widen your perceptual capacity in ways that you didn’t even know were possible.
- Uncover your true Body-identity (vs mental identity of who you think or thought you should be).
- Redefine your ideas of what’s possible in life (feeling, being, receiving).
- Change your relationship with money as a coach, a healer, a space holder. Widen your capacity to receive, align energy work with smart strategy and get paid well for your medicine.

"Learning at a slow pace and not feeling the need to show up in a certain way feels quite welcoming. It’s like coming home and resting while I am learning new stuff". - Sara, holistic body worker and yoga teacher

The journey rests on three pillars:

Body (Somatics)

  • Physiology and neuroscience
  • Latest nuanced theory of Somatics
  • The science of nervous system
  • Beyond known Fight, Flight, Freeze
  • Practitioner awareness, stability, attuned pacing
  • Inherent intelligence of the body, inherent treatment plan
  • Blueprints and Imprints
  • Unfinished threat responses

Ritual (Energy)

  • Tidal fluid Body
  • Relational Field
  • Relational skills needed to meet danger and safety in your clients
  • Waves of nervous system expression
  • Meet, re-regulate, and transform post-traumatic physiology patterns
  • Support resolution of outdated threat responses

Animacy (Nature)

  • Deep communion with Natural Forces
  • Relationship with your ecosystem
  • Connection with your ancestors and spiritual team 
  • Perceptual capacity beyond your physical body
  • Different timelines 
  • Sustainable and tidal business approach

In this program you will learn how to:

- work safely and intuitively with indigested life experiences, different timelines, outdated threat responses, personal, collective, and ancestral imprints.

- facilitate transformation in the most effective and efficient way without over-holding, feeling depleted or burning-out

- feel free from the collective and personal pressure.

- deepen your relationality with Self, Others, and Nature.

- be more of your authentic Self in life and work.

The Bodyverse approach is informed by (but not limited to):

- Alchemical Alignment (Bodywork, massage and manual therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathic Neural and Visceral work, Polarity- and PPN-based Body into Being, Somatic Experiencing, Aikido, Family Constellations)

- Regenerative Alchemy (Integrative Somatic Therapy, Somatic Parts work)

- The Mythic Body studies with Josh Schrei

- Neuroscience with Z-Health Performance (R-, I-, T-Phases)

- Thousands of hours of working with clients (1-on-1 and groups), teaching, and personal inquiry

"I just wish for this material to become common knowledge"! - Sara, holistic body worker and yoga teacher

For you if:

  • you feel that old (rigid) ways don't work for you anymore
  • you feel depleted and tired from all the different modalities, information and input out there and you are ready to hone in on widening your perception and capacity and steeping in it
  • you feel tired of trying to "do it right"
  • you are ready to start shifting from HYPER-centric approaches towards what's sustainable for you
  • you are ready to open up your extra-sensory capacities even more
  • you want to learn the latest nuanced body and nervous system science
  • you want to practice in the safest space possible to explore your own somatic landscape deeper
  • you want to feel more deeply and stay rooted in your embodied capacity
  • you want to facilitate the right-sized miracles for your clients for life-long transformation
  • you want to enrich and potentize your work with layers of depths you didn't even know existed  
  • you want to reconnect to your natural internal tides and rhythms so you can plan for ebb and ride the flow
  • you want to become a sought-after practitioner with a waiting list of clients
  • you just want to feel more magic in your day-to-day life

Not for you if:

  • you are looking for a script-based cookie-cutter approach
  • you are looking for step-by-step protocols
  • you are looking to get trained in a specific modality
  • you are looking for quick fixes (hacks) for yourself and your clients 
  • you are looking for business coaching or marketing strategies to copy-paste

Meet Katja, your guide into the Bodyverse:

She is BOTH a feeler, a healer, a Liminal Space guide, a Body-whisperer, a Soul-retriever, AND a sharp rational thinker and a modern human.

Katja has a skill of holding space in a way that connects you to your own medicine and amplifies it. Space that connects you to your felt sense and information access from the field.

She comes from a long line of healers and medicine women, has 16 years of experience of working in corporate on a C-level. She is professionally trained in somatic trauma resolution, bodywork, somatic movement and breathwork. She studies neuroscience, physiology and anatomy continuously and has thousands of hours of experience of working with clients privately and in groups.

Bringing together the best of both worlds in a resonant way.

She is helping sensitive and intuitive coaches and healers to find personal, relational, and professional coherence, to be super feelers in this modern fast-paced world without overwhelm, burning out and over-holding.

Because YOU deserve to be well on the path of service.

A different paradigm

Because the World needs more practitioners who can feel deeply, anchor and root deeply and hold space for all the nuance, paradox, intensity and subtlety of what being a human in the modern world entails. Together, let's hold very intentional resonant slow anchored spaces, strong enough for any difficulty to show up and to begin to metabolize.