“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

- Joseph Campbell

One-Day Immersion: Winter Solstice Ceremony

A pilgrimage of existence

A mythosomatic journey 

A deeply established and guarded container 

Deep states of trance and rapture 

Away from the dogma of modernity 

Awakening the ceremonial animal within 


A journey of celebration of the Winter Solstice 

A journey of dismemberment and dissolution

A journey of resurrection and rebirth 

A journey of a far seeing vision of the universal knowledge

A journey into the states of consciousness when the insights are pouring down

A journey into the states of consciousness of liquid connectivity

A journey through attuning your receptors to vibration

A journey of awakening and re-enchanting the magic within


Through somatic practices, ritual, invocations, nature immersion, threshold and rapture states exploration, we will recalibrate and deepen our connection with the Body, Community, and Cosmos and we cultivate a state of a deep sensory wakefulness.


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