Human Nature

All-inclusive 6-month mythosomatic journey, a deeply established and guarded container that is definitely not for everyone:


💫 A journey into the depths of the underworld and the hights of the upperworld
🐲 A journey of dismemberment and dissolution
🌈 A journey of resurrection and rebirth
🌓 A journey of a far seeing vision of the universal knowledge
🍄 A journey into the states of consciousness when the insights are pouring down
🌊 A journey into the states of consciousness of liquid connectivity
🔥 A journey through attuning your receptors to vibration
🍀 A journey of personal and collective re-enchantment


Through somatic practices, ritual repetition, invocations, nature immersion, threshold and rapture states exploration, we will recalibrate and deepen our connection with the Body, Community, and Cosmos.

There is a resonant field, and that resonant field is within each of our bodies and our bodies play within that field.

Trance reinforces our relationality with the more than human world, and the human world, and the cosmic world, and all of it. 

Imagine experiencing a profound somatic connection to the natural world and the shoreless ocean of the Cosmos. Our journey focuses on expanding access to transformative threshold states and deepening your connection to foundational somatic energetics

This journey is all about shedding, transmuting, traversing, coming together in ritual.

Growth patterns and trauma share a very intricate relationship. In a tree you can't even separate them. 

Pain, trance and trauma are very closely tied to one another. The attempt to escape pain creates more pain (Gabor Maté). And sometimes carefully harnessing pain is the very thing that gets us past it. Historically one of the primary ways we've processed trauma is through rituals. Together. In a circle. 

Trauma is a response pattern that is intertwined with everything that being alive entails. It's intertwined with joy, longing, grief, hope, with perception itself

Trauma is a part of a large ecosystem. A vine-like pattern of growth that is omnidirectional, intertwined with various textures of experience, with breath, and longing, and joy, and want. And much larger than an individual. 

In our human experience we long to feel connected to the vastness. We want to feel connected to the vastness. We need to feel connected to the vastness. 

This is the next evolution of your consciousness.

The journey rests on three pillars:


  • Embrace the Body as a sacred realm
  • Delve into deep nervous system work
  • Repatterning and transcending your reality
  • Discover the Body as a portal to other worlds and the metaverse


  • Reconnect to the ceremonial being within
  • Explore mythos and liminal spaces
  • Experience the mystic realms through trance states
  • Embark on threshold exploration
  • Create your own rituals


  • Foster deep communion with Natural Forces
  • Cultivate a profound relationship with your Community
  • Rediscover your connection to the World around us
  • Deepen your bond with ancestors and your spiritual team

Throughout this transformative journey, you'll anchor your experiences with regular breathwork, guided somatic meditative practices, movement, and sound. Unleash the power of your voice as we tap into the ancient tradition of oral invocation—a medium through which 99% of human traditions have been conducted.

Shift from a destination-centric paradigm of nature immersion to a model of focus, animacy, deep knowledge, and vocal interaction. We aim to expand our understanding of natural systems and reignite the power of our relationship with the Land.

Some practicalities of the Journey:

  • Journey begins in December 2023 (exact date to be announced)
  • 7 in-person initiation ceremonies, each held once a month in the beautiful and potent location in Den Bosch, The Netherlands (Fridays, between 9am and 4pm, lunch included, dates to be confirmed)
  • Oracle Walks in Nature (to be planned)
  • 6 online experiential theory and knowledge-based sessions on Zoom, all recorded and yours for life (Monday evenings, dates and times to be confirmed)
  • 6 private 1-on-1 sessions with Katja (in person or on zoom) to deepen your personal space 
  • One-year free membership on me Re-Align Method App for smooth integration and practice
  • Language of facilitation: English during the group ceremonies, English or Dutch for 1-on-1 work

Investment: €5.500,- (including VAT)

Payment in full is preferred for a clear energy exchange. Shame-free and interest-free payment plans are also available. 

Katja - your guide through the Bodyverse.
Your guide through Liminal Spaces.
Into the depths of the underworld and the hights of the upperworld.
Driven by curiosity.
I value ease, choice, right timing, transparency and reciprocity

This container is designed to hold a maximum of eight humans. Joining by application only. I will be curating this group very carefully. This is a full-in experience and it is not for everyone. I'd rather have a fully aligned group than sell-out this container.   

Fill in the application here if you feel a spark, a bonfire, a tickle of curiosity or you have any questions, nerves, or desires. After your application, we will talk and discover if this container is something that can support you on your journey in an optimal way: