Free masterclass for space holders and practitioners:

Somatic stabilization of self (and session space)

December 13th 7:30 PM CETA guided tour into the Bodyverse

You are a coach, a healer, a guide, a therapist, a trainer, a (yogateacher. You are a space holder, a practitioner. If you hold space for humans in any capacity, you hold space for their post-traumatic growth and transformation

The Bodyverse approach is a somatic protocol-free, spirit-led, science-based and nature-inspired holistic approach to being a human and a practitioner. It is all about holding yourself and your clients in the innate wholeness and reconnecting to the aliveness within and without.

Let’s be together!

Have you been wondering what else your Body can tell you and how your Body can become a wide base of support in your client work?

Join me for an online FREE Masterclass and get a guided tour into your Bodyverse

Somatic stabilization of self and session space | Free masterclass | What you’ll receive:

  • A practice to experience somatic stabilization first hand. This practice will be made available for you forever.
  • Begin understanding and tapping into the felt sense of Somatic stabilization of Self and your session space. How to begin creating a wide base of support for safe alchemy to happen in your client sessions?
  • Trusting the Body: How can your Body and physiology become a wide base of support in your client work?  
  • Q&A: An opportunity to ask any questions about your own experience and/or the offerings.

This free masterclass is a curated mixture of theory to stimulate your thinking Mind and a good dose of practice that will engage your feeling & sensing Body.

“My confidence in myself and my body is growing because I know that when I listen to my instincts and what my body tells me, my body will start to feel safe and only become happier"
- Member of Tales of Bodyverse Community 

Event details

  • Date | December 13th
  • Time | 7:30 PM CET
  • Duration | 1,5 Hour (includes practice session and Q&A)
  • Platform | Live Webinar
  • Extra | If you can’t join live, the recording will be available for 72 hours