Somatic coaching, energy medicine, and embodiment practices - the intersection of body, spirit, science, and mystery.

Are you ready to enter the next evolution of your human experience?

Somatic coaching and embodiment—a unique approach that guides you through an intentional journey of transformation, fostering alignment with your truest self, even under pressure.

If you are ready to travel deep into your Bodyverse...


Heart- and soul-based regenerative somatic and soul embodiment work.

Somatics is an intentional change process that helps you embody transformation on a deep level, through the layers of tissues of your body. It engages your thinking, feeling, sensing, and actions, allowing you to align your way of being with what matters to you the most. Whether you're seeking healing from trauma or honing your leadership skills or embodying new ways of being in this world, somatics offers the deepest transformation.

Somatics is more than just a method—it's a philosophy that acknowledges our interconnectedness and offers a profound way to navigate life's challenges. Through somatic coaching, you'll tap into the present moment, ride the waves of energy, and rewire your physiology to be your wide base of support.

Embodied transformation goes beyond understanding and insight. It's about embodying new ways of being, aligned with your deepest visions and values. With somatic coaching, you'll engage your thinking, feeling, sensing, and actions, creating lasting shifts that extend into your actions, relationships, and perceptions.

Imagine having the tools to navigate life's challenges with grace and clarity. My approach introduces you to an embodied life, revealing the vast amounts of wisdom held within your own body and sensations. By learning to listen to the language of sensation, you'll access a realm of self-knowledge, change, and regenerative growth.

Somatic coaching and embodiment are for those who seek the next evolution of their human experience. If you've explored various healing modalities and are ready to cultivate greater capacity, resilience, and sovereignty, you're in the right place. This approach is especially effective for healing trauma, enhancing leadership skills, nurturing relationships, and driving social change.

Embarking on this transformative journey opens doors to new layers of awareness, resilience, and authenticity. From physical well-being to profound spiritual growth, you'll experience:

  • Greater capacity for daily life
  • Effective management of change, big and small
  • Deepened self-awareness and consciousness
  • Possible relief from chronic physical conditions
  • Reclaimed boundaries and healthy instincts
  • Renewed relationships with self and spirit
  • Transmutation of traumatic imprints
  • Integration of indigested stuff in the body
  • Reclaimed sovereignty and autonomy

My offerings:

Energy medicine, somatic coaching and embodiment practices.

Join our immersive training program starting in September and deepen your somatic expertise.

Access weekly and monthly sessions through my app community to receive continuous support.

Embark on a 6-month exploration of embodiment, starting in December.

It's me, Katja, your guide into the Bodyverse:

I am an alchemical educator for practitioners and facilitators, a nervous system wizard, and a powerful space holder for somatic magic.

My background is 16 years of experience working in corporate, 6 of those years on the C-level, working myself into total override of my natural instincts and desires, into a chronic illness (thyroid), into chronic pain and "unexplainable" symptoms. Which ended up with a total collapse. From there I built myself back up with the help of magical space holders. And since 2020 I've done thousands of hours of official training and certifications, worked with hundreds of clients 1-on-1 and in groups. With this being my mission in life:

I want to help you meet your traumatic imprints effectively and regeneratively. I want to help you create momentum and a field of regulation and resilience. 

I work with energetically sensitive empaths, practitioners, and space holders, ready to deepen into the physical and metaphysical aspects of their human experience. 

When I'm not holding space, studying or nerding out in the inner landscape of my own Bodyverse, you can probably find me somewhere in nature. Quite possibly hugging some trees or dogs. Quite possible with my feet in water (if I can find some :)

Some of my credentials: 

True transformation isn't just about understanding—it's about embodying change in your actions and interactions. With Somatics, you'll integrate your inner shifts into the outer world, carrying your newfound insights and capacities with you.

Begin Your Journey into the Bodyverse

Are you ready to experience the profound shifts that somatic coaching and embodiment can bring to your life? Whether you're seeking healing, growth, or a deeper connection with self and spirit, I'm here to hold space with attuned presence and support you every step of the way.


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